Tuition costs must be applied to all projects that include a graduate stipend, unless prohibited by sponsor policy. The tuition costs are budgeted in proportion to the graduate student’s effort on the project. Summer tuition is included only if the PI requests it. Normally, a graduate student does not take more than three hours credit in the summer, so the lowest rate is applied.

In cases where the sponsor disallows tuition costs, the PI must provide OSP with a departmental fund number from which tuition for the student can be drawn.

Graduate Student Tuition and Academic Fees

Tuition budgeted by OSP includes in-state tuition costs+technology fee+library fee. Engineering, Architecture, and MBA students are budgeted including additional supplemental fees.

Graduate Student Tuition and Academic Fees
When Engineering +
supplemental fee
Architecture + design fee All Other Majors
Spring 2017 $6,835 $6,785 $6,310.50
Fall 2016 $6,835 $6,785 $6,310.50
Spring 2016 $6,608.50 $6,561.50 $6,129.50
Fall 2015 $6,608.50 $6,561.50 $6,129.50
Spring 2015 $6,310 $6275.50 $5,882.50
Fall 2014 $6,310 $6275.50 $5,882.50