As of Friday, December 21, there is a possibility of a partial government shutdown. Thanks to previously passed appropriation bills, several departments and federal agencies including NIH and NSF will be funded through September 2019. The federal agencies impacted by the partial shutdown are:

  • Department of Homeland Security
  • Justice Department
  • State Department
  • Department of Interior
  • Department of Agriculture
  • Department of Housing and Urban Development

During a shutdown here is what to expect based on past experience: Work on federally funded projects can go forward as usual unless the funding agency issues a stop work order. In such cases, the Office of Sponsored Programs would receive a project specific notification. A stop work order is more likely to happen for contracts than grants.

  • Some federal websites and business applications will likely either be unavailable or have disabled features.
  • Federal agency program officers and grants management staff of the agencies impacted would not be available to answer questions, approve requests, etc.
  • The federal agencies impacted will be on hold for much of the administrative tasks relative to federal funding. New funding opportunities would not be issued, panel reviews would be postponed, no new grants will be awarded, and no-cost extensions approvals will delayed.
  • In the event of a government shutdown, it is important that Virginia Tech faculty and staff continue to prepare and work with OSP Pre-Award on proposals and proceed as if there will be no change in grant submission deadlines. OSP Pre-Award associates will continue to submit proposals to federal sponsors to the extent proposal submission systems are operable. It is possible that some government systems may not be working during the shutdown. The best thing that Virginia Tech faculty and staff can do is to continue to work on proposals and have them ready so that OSP Pre-Award can process them according to the most up-to-date guidelines given by each specific agency once the shutdown is over.