The Office of Sponsored Programs is proud to launch phase one of their web site redesign.   In this phase the following has been accomplished:

  • pages have been reorganized based on topic
  • web site is now mobile-friendly
  • a "news" section has been added to the home page to increase communication to the sponsored programs community

The redesign will now move to phase two at the beginning of 2017 where content for various sections will see significant updates.  

For those that have bookmarked pages from the previous site, please remember to update them.   A table has been provided below to assist in the update process:

Page URLs

Title New Link Old Link
About OSP
Find Funding
Proposal Overview
Notification of Intent
Budget Preparation
Introduction to Post Award
Financial Compliance
Project Modifications
Nonfinancial Compliance
Project Completion & Closeout
Databases & Information
Now known as "Institutional Data"
Agreements Archive
Contracts & Industry
OSP Site Map

Pre Award Forms

Title New Url Old URL
Proposal Approval Form
Proposal Approval Form ( Instructions)
Form A. Cost Sharing Request
Form B. Cost Accounting Exception Request
Form C. Returned Overhead Distribution
Form C. (Instructions)
Request for Budget Development
Generic Proposal Cover Sheet
Generic Proposal Cover Sheet (additional signatures)
NSF Sample Budget Justification
PHS Compliance Form

Post Award Forms

Title New Url Old URL
General Research Funding Deposit Approval Form
General Research Funding Deposit Approval Form Instructions
Residual Request
Attachment A (use for VTF transfers only)
Attachment A Instructions
Subaward Close Out Form
Inventory of Property Form

Conflict of Interest Forms

Title New Url Old URL
External Entity Determination Questionnaire (for PHS or PHS FFT only)
External Entity FCOI Certification (for PHS or PHS FFT only)

Miscellaneous Forms

Title New Url Old URL
IPA OF 69 Agreement Form

OSP Approved Procedures

Title New Url Old URL
OSP 20002
OSP 10001
OSP 10002
OSP 10003
OSP 10007
OSP 10008
OSP 10009
OSP 10010
OSP 10012
OSP 10013
OSP 20003
OSP 20001
OSP 30001
OSP 30003
OSP 30006
OSP 30008
OSP 30011
OSP 50001

Miscellaneous Procedures

Title New Url Old URL
Price Cost Analysis
Subaward Process Manual
Personnel Activity Report Instructions

OSP Guidelines For Departments

Title New Url Old URL
Award Transfers
NSF Career Proposal Support Letters Guidelines

Agreements Archive - Facilities Administration

Title New Url Old URL
Agreement through 2012
Agreement Dated December 8, 2006
Agreement Dated October 8, 2003 agreement 10-08-03.pdf
Agreement Dated May 8, 2001 agreement 01-5-08.pdf
Agreement Dated June 12, 2000 agreement 00-6-12.pdf
Agreement Dated October 27, 1999 agreement 99-10-27.pdf
Agreement Dated June 25, 1998
Agreement Dated June 9, 1997
Agreement Dated July 17, 1996
Agreement Dated December 5, 1995
Agreement Dated August 3, 1994
Agreement Dated October 22, 1993
Agreement Dated August 11, 1992
Agreement Dated February 27, 1992

Agreements Archive - Fringe Rates

Title New Url Old URL
2014 Fixed and 2015 Provisional Fringe Rates
2013 Fixed and 2014 Provisional Fringe Rates
2012 Fixed and 2013 Provisional Fringe Rates
2011 Fixed Fringe Rates
2010 Fixed and 2011 Provisional Fringe Rates
2009 Fixed and 2010 Provisional Fringe Rates
2008 Fixed and 2009 Provisional Fringe Rates