University Approved Policies

Policy Number Title
VT3105 Effort Reporting
VT3240 Consistency in Charging Administrative and Clerical Costs
VT3245 Cost Sharing on Sponsored Projects
VT3255 Cost Transfers on Sponsored Projects
VT3630 Definition and Deposit of Private Funds
VT3951 Transfer of Equipment
VT1040 Reporting Suspected Fraudulent Activities
VT13000 Policy on Intellectual Properties
VT13005 Interdisciplinary Research Centers
VT13010 Faculty Conflicts of Interest and Commitment Policy
VT13015 Ownership and Control of Research Results

OSP Approved Procedures 

Procedure Number Title
OSP 10001 Computers, Peripheral Devices, Software or Intangibles Purchased Using Sponsored Awards
OSP 10002 Tuition and Related Fees on Sponsored Awards
OSP 10007 Membership Fee Supported & Other Affiliate Programs
OSP 10008 Subrecipient Monitoring and Management Guidelines
OSP 10009 Mandatory Disclosure and Unallowable Costs
OSP 10010 Small Business and Small Disadvantaged Business Subcontracting Plans
OSP 10012 Equipment Loans, Donations and Software Licensing Agreements
OSP 10014 Records Retention
OSP 10013 Institutional Base Salary for Sponsored Awards
OSP-29-05 Management of Restricted Research Agreements
OSP 20001 Facilities & Administrative Waiver or Reduction
OSP 20002 Proposal Submission
OSP 20003 Pending Proposals Review
OSP 30001 Program Income Associated with Sponsored Awards
OSP 30002 Accounts Receivable Associated with Sponsored Awards
OSP 30003 Virginia Tech Foundation Funds Handling
OSP 30006 Sponsored Awards Technical Performance Reports - Administration
OSP 30007 Banner Freezing Funds or Blocking Charges
OSP 30008 Facilities and Administrative Overhead Rate Distribution
OSP 30009 Letter of Credit or Federal Drawdown
OSP 30010 Sponsored Award Expenditure General Guidelines (Allowable Costs)
OSP 30011 Residual Revenue in Fixed Price Awards
OSP 50001 Intellectual Property Options for Commercial Partners


Policy Number Title
  Price Cost Analysis
  Subaward Process Manual
  Personnel Activity Report Instructions

OSP Guidelines for Departments

Policy Number Title
  Award Transfers
  NSF Career Proposal Support Letters Guidelines

Office of Management and Budget

Policy Number Title
  Circular No: (A-21)
  Circular No: (A-110)
  Circular No: (A-133)
  Uniform Guidance (2 CFR Part 200)