Linda R. Bucy - Interim Director of Sponsored Programs

Message from the Interim Director for Sponsored Programs Administration

The Office of Sponsored Programs strives to be true to its mission of providing outstanding service to the faculty and staff in their pursuit and administration of external funding. The office provides full support throughout the lifecycle of a project, from preliminary budget review to award closeout. Our office structure is organized into pre award, contracts, post award and compliance. The pre-award teams handle the preliminary review and approval of all proposals. The contracts team negotiates and establishes  all awards. The post-award teams handle the administration of the awards including billing and closeout of the awards.

Our office is located in Suite 4200 of North End Center. If you have suggestions or comments on how our office could be more responsive, please call or email me at 231-5281 or .

Linda R. Bucy.
Interim Director for Sponsored Programs Administration,
Assistant Vice President for Finance and Controls, and
Conflict of Interest Officer